Hate crime reporting in 2012

In order to strengthen the capacities of these organizations to monitor and record information on hate crimes, ODIHR reached out to civil society partners by organizing 11 training sessions in 2012, in which more than 230 NGO representatives took part.

As a result of these efforts, the quality and detail of information received from NGOs continued to improve. Distinctions among hate crimes, hate speech and incidents of discrimination were more clearly elaborated, and more information about the impact of hate crimes on victims and communities was provided. Despite the limited capacity of many NGOs in the OSCE area to register and report on hate crimes, NGO submissions contributed substantially to this report.

ODIHR received responses to the call for submissions from three OSCE field operations in 2012. UNHCR offices covering 29 countries provided information to ODIHR on hate crimes in their areas of responsibility. The Office also received information from four IOM field missions. Information and recommendations from a range of IGO bodies was included.