Italy regularly reports hate crime data to ODIHR. Italy's Criminal Code contains general penalty enhancement and substantive offence provisions. Hate crime data are collected by law enforcement authorities and the Ministry of Interior. Data are not made publicly available.


Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2019 1119 - -
2018 1111 613 46
2017 1048 613 40
2016 736 424 31
2015 555 Not available Not available

Hate crimes recorded by police

The data presented here include information from the police database and information gathered by the Observatory for Security against Acts of Discrimination (OSCAD). Data for racism and xenophobia include hate crime motivated by bias against Roma and Sinti, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and other anti-religious hate crimes.

National developments

OSCAD participated in the "Facing all the Facts" training for law enforcement on building capacity to monitor discrimination crimes. OSCAD is a co-beneficiary partner of the project, which is run by the civil society group CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

The Ministry of the Interior and various law enforcement bodies trained 1,800 officers from the National Police. The trainees included National Police cadets, commissioners, police managers, Border Police, and the National Police Sports group.

Two seminars on anti-LGBT hate crime were organized to complete the training component of the LGBT national strategy, two seminars for 60 officers and 210 operators on anti-LGBT hate crime were organized.

Finally, 3,000 Carabinieri attended a course that contained a module on hate crimes.

Key observation

ODIHR observes that Italy has not reported the numbers of prosecuted and information on sentenced hate crime cases to ODIHR.