Hate crime legislation in Iceland

Criminal Code: General Penal Code of Iceland No. 19, February 12, 1940 (as amended on 22 June 2022) (Hate crime-related excerpts)


Art. 70 (Chapter VIII. Factors influencing the severity of punishment)

When punishment is decided, the following factors, in particular, are to be considered.


10. Whether the offense can be attributed to ethnic or national origin, colour, race, religion, disability, gender characteristics, sexuality, gender identity or other similar factors.



Article 233 a (Chapter XXV Defamations and Offences against the Inviolability of Private Life)

Anyone who publicly mocks, defames, denigrates, or threatens a person or a group of people with comments or an expression of other nature, for example, by means of pictures or symbols, for their ethnic origin or national origin, colour, race, religion, disabilities, gender characteristics, sexual orientation or gender identity, or disseminates such materials, should be fined or imprisoned for up to 2 years.