Strengthening the capacity to address intolerance

(OSCE/Maria Kokce)

ODIHR’s Turning Words into Action to Address Intolerance (WIA) project contributes to strengthening the capacity of OSCE participating States and civil society to prevent and respond to various forms of intolerance and discrimination. The project’s key areas include addressing the security needs of minority communities, countering intolerance through education, and fostering coalition building among civil society organizations.

As part of the WIA project, ODIHR works with security and educational institutions and civil society organizations across the OSCE region.

The project:

  • facilitates co-operation between governments and civil society, 

  • gives guidance on the provision of security for minority communities, 

  • offers capacity-building initiatives for criminal justice bodies, security institutions and government agencies,

  • assists in strengthening legislation, policies and practices to address hate crime,

  • provides educational materials and raises awareness among policymakers of the importance of education to counter anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance and discrimination,

  • builds the capacity of civil society organizations to address intolerance and discrimination, and hate crime, including hate crime monitoring and reporting,

  • supports effective civil society coalition building.

Please visit project page for more information.