Overview of ODIHR's efforts


Effectively countering hate crime requires a comprehensive effort bringing together government institutions, criminal justice systems, civil society actors and international organizations. ODIHR has developed a series of programmes to help states and civil society groups achieve these aims.

ODIHR has been tasked to:

serve as a "collecting point for information and statistics collected by participating States" (MC DEC. 4/03, MC DEC. 12/04 Annex PC DEC. 607, Annex PC. DEC. 621); "to continue serving as a collecting point….[for] relevant legislation" (MC DEC. 13/06)
"report its findings … and make its findings public" (PC DEC. 607, PC. DEC. 621); "Report regularly" (MC DEC. 4/03); "make its findings publicly available through TANDIS and its Report on Challenges and Responses to Hate-motivated Incidents in the OSCE region" (MC DEC. 13/06)
"report regularly on these issues as a basis for deciding on priorities for future work" (MC DEC. 4/03); "these reports should be taken into account to decide on priorities of the OSCE in the area of tolerance" (MC Dec. 13/06)