National frameworks to address hate crime in Mongolia

This page provides information on the national frameworks to address hate crime in Mongolia. The information provided here should be viewed alongside data presented on Mongolia's hate crime report page.

Hate crime recording and data collection

Hate crimes have been recognized under Mongolian law since 2015, but are recorded as any other criminal offence. No specific system or guidance exists for collecting hate crime data.

Statistics of the Supreme Court and Office of the Prosecutor General are kept according to a criminal code provision and are not published.

Victimization surveys are not conducted in Mongolia.

Hate crime victim support

There is no hate crime victim support available in Mongolia. Victims of hate crime have the same rights as victims of other crime.

Article 8.1 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) defines a crime victim as any person or legal entity whose rights to life, well-being, and rights and freedoms are violated by a criminal act, or who sustained property and non-property damage as a result of a crime.

According to the CPC, crime victims can be represented by a private lawyer of their choice and have access to the criminal case file. The prosecutor's office must inform the victim about a decision not to pursue the case as a hate crime after charges have been pressed for a base offence. A hate crime victim or their representative can deliver a crime impact statement in court.

In general terms, the emotional harm suffered by victims, including victims of hate crime, is not compensated by the courts.

Specialist support to members of the LGBTI community. including legal aid, is provided by the civil society organization "LGBT Center Mongolia".

Hate crime capacity building

Trainings for police officers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges on hate crimes are not organized in Mongolia.