National frameworks to address hate crime in Armenia

This page provides information on the national frameworks to address hate crime in Armenia. The information provided here should be viewed alongside data presented on Armenia's hate crime report page.

Hate crime recording and data collection

There is no special procedure for recording hate crimes. Hate crimes, like other crimes, are recorded in police registers in line with Government Decree 1495-N of 23 November 2017.

Likewise, no separate reporting or compilation of statistics on hate crimes exists. General crime statistics are compiled according to the amended Government Decree No. 1225-N of 23 October 2008, "On Confirming Unified Forms of Statistical Reporting of Elements Describing Pre-trial Proceedings and on their Filing and Submission", and Joint Order No. 11/251 of the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Interior, "On the Order of Unified Record of Crimes", adopted on 27 May 2002.

Police and other investigating agencies produce statistical data which, on confirmation by the prosecutor, are forwarded to the Police Information Centre for registration. The data on each registered crime are available on its official website, but can only be accessed if a request is made.

Hate crime victim support

There is no system dedicated to hate crime victim support in Armenia. Neither law nor policy distinguish hate crime victims from victims of other crime.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are the most frequent providers of support to hate crime victims in Armenia. CSOs typically offer legal assistance, the services of social workers, medical assistance and psychological support. However, the work of support providers is often hampered by insufficient resources and limited territorial reach. CSOs’ assistance includes services facilitated through 24-hour hotlines, as well as emergency shelters.

Armenia’s Criminal Procedure Code defines the procedures related to the protection of persons participating in criminal proceedings or reporting a crime. Specific protection measures exist and can apply to victims of domestic violence. There are no measures in place to ensure sensitive and respectful treatment of hate crime victims by the police.

Any victim has the right to receive compensation for the damage caused by unlawful actions.

Please note that the above text may be subject to updates based on information provided by the National Point of Contact