National frameworks to address hate crime in Andorra

This page provides information on the national frameworks to address hate crime in Andorra. The information provided here should be viewed alongside data presented on Andorra's hate crime report page.

Hate crime recording and data collection

The National Police Corps' (Cos de Policia) Centre for Data Processing (CDP) is the department responsible for collecting and storing hate crime data. The CDP is the body to which hate crimes are reported and which manages this data for statistical and criminal analyses. 

The police corps, regardless of the victim's decision to press charges or not, will evaluate the elements of a case and inform the prosecutor if the CDP considers that there is enough evidence to open a hate crime case. The prosecutor will then examine the case in depth and qualify it according to the criminal code. The CDP will take into account the specific nature of the crime and the incriminating elements to be found in the criminal code. 

There is still no policy document providing guidance to police officers on hate crimes. There is also no official system for recording hate crimes. The Andorran Statistics Plan 2018-2021 includes the 'Citizen Security Survey' which aims to estimate criminal acts and phenomena, and to measure experiences of victimization, feelings of insecurity, and public concerns about safety and the police. The survey is to be conducted before the end of 2021.