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Consult our 2013 hate crime data

Warsaw, Poland | 14 Nov 2014

Our hate crime data for 2013 is available. Thirty-six participating States submitted information, along with 109 NGOs covering incidents in 45 countries. Find out more about it here.

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Co-operating to challenge anti-Semitic hate crime

| 10 Nov 2014

Shocking in its many forms, from crude cartoons to murder, anti-Semitism is far from being a problem of the past. Governments and civil society must co-operate to effectively oppose this contemporary challenge.

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Piecing together hate crime cases: ODIHR’s programme to assist prosecutors

| 17 Oct 2014

Prosecutors need awareness, knowledge and skills to convince courts that certain crimes are motivated by prejudice and bias. Since they play a central role in identifying and countering hate crimes, they must have access to the right tools to accomplish this task.

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Using data to shed light: The importance of recording and reporting hate crimes

| 29 Sep 2014

A Roma child is sprayed with acid in the streets of Naples. A kosher grocery store is ransacked on the margins of a protest. An African student is attacked in a Łódź club. Taken separately, these events can be seen as random attacks. Linking these disparate crimes together paints a wider portrait.

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Two to tango – police and hate crime campaigners dancing in step

| 01 Aug 2014

When hate crime victim Kazeem Busari was asked about the effectiveness of the Polish authorities in investigating and prosecuting racist incidents, he reaches for a dancing metaphor: it takes two to tango.

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