Hate crime legislation in Slovenia

Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia (2005, as amended 2022) (excerpts related to Hate Crime Laws) (English)

Article 49: General rules for the assessment of penalties


(3) If the inclination to commit a crime was the victim's nationality, race, religion or ethnicity, his gender, skin color, origin, financial status, education, social position, political or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal circumstance, this is taken into account as an aggravating circumstance.


Article 116: Murder

Whoever murders another human being by taking his life

1) in a cruel or perfidious manner;

2) due to taking action in official acts to protect public security, or in a pre-trial criminal procedure, or due to decisions of state prosecutors, or due to the proceeding and decisions of judges, or due to criminal complaint, or testimony in a court proceeding;

3) because of violation of equality;

4) out of desire to murder, out of greed, in order to commit or to conceal another criminal offence, out of unscrupulous vengeance, or from other base motives;

5) with the act committed within a criminal organisation to commit such offences, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than fifteen years.

Article 297: Public incitement to hatred, violence or intolerance

(1) Whoever publicly provokes or stirs up ethnic, racial, religious or other hatred, strife or intolerance, or provokes any other inequality on the basis of physical or mental deficiencies or sexual orientation, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to two years.

(2) The same sentence shall be imposed on a person who publicly disseminates ideas on the supremacy of one race over another, or provides aid in any manner for racist activity or denies, diminishes the significance of, approves, disregards, makes fun of, or advocates genocide, holocaust, crimes against humanity, war crime, aggression, or other criminal offences against humanity.

(3) If the offence under preceding paragraphs has been committed by publication in mass media, the editor or the person acting as the editor shall be sentenced to the punishment, by imposing the punishment referred to in paragraphs 1 or 2 of this Article, except if it was a live broadcast and he was not able to prevent the actions referred to in the preceding paragraphs.

(4) If the offence under paragraphs 1 or 2 of this Article has been committed by coercion, maltreatment, endangering of security, desecration of national, ethnic or religious symbols, damaging the movable property of another, desecration of monuments or memorial stones or graves, the perpetrator shall be punished by imprisonment of up to three years.

(5) If the acts under paragraphs 1 or 2 of this Article have been committed by an official by abusing their official position or rights, he shall be punished by imprisonment of up to five years.

(6) Material and objects bearing messages from paragraph 1 of this Article, and all devices intended for their manufacture, multiplication and distribution, shall be confiscated, or their use disabled in an appropriate manner.