Hate crime legislation in France

Criminal Code of the French Republic (as of 2022) (excerpts)

Articles 132-76 and 132-77 on aggravating circumstance provides that the maximum of the custodial sentence incurred is raised when a crime or offense is preceded, accompanied or followed by words, writings, images, objects or acts of any kind that are offensive to honor or consideration of the victim or group of persons of which the victim is a member by reason of his or her membership or non-membership, actual or supposed, of an alleged race, ethnic group, nation or particular religion, his or her sex, sexual orientation or actual or supposed gender identity, or establish that the acts have been committed against the victim for one of these reasons.


Press Freedom Act of the French Republic of 29 July 1881 (as of 2021) (excerpts)

The criminal offence of incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence on account of origin or membership of a racial or religious group, sexual orientation or gender identity, or disability
Article 24 of the 1881 Act imposes criminal penalties on "those who, by one of the means set forth at Article 23*, incite hatred or violence against a person or group of persons on account of their origin or membership or non-membership of a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion, their sex, their sexual orientation or gender identity, or their disability".

The purpose of the incitement must be to cause those to whom it is addressed to behave in a discriminatory way against the protected persons.


speeches, shouts or threats expressed in public places or meetings, or by written words, printed matter, drawings, engravings, paintings, emblems, pictures or any other written, spoken or pictorial aid, sold or distributed, offered for sale or displayed in public places or meetings, either by posters or notices displayed for public view, or by any means of electronic communication.