Ukraine has submitted information on hate crimes to ODIHR. Ukraine's hate crime laws combine general and specific penalty-enhancement provisions and contain a substantive offence. Hate crime data are collected by the General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Department on Sentence Execution and the State Statistics Committee.


Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2017 163 94 3
2016 144 76 2
2015 157 79 3
2014 33 33 2
2013 Not available Not available Not available

Hate crimes recorded by police

National developments

The Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine, together with the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, developed Methodological Recommendations on the specifics of investigating hate crimes. The guidelines were made available to officers.

Key observation

ODIHR observes that Ukraine has not reported on cases of hate crimes separately from cases of hate speech and/or discrimination.