Lithuania regularly reports hate crime data to ODIHR. Lithuania’s Criminal Code contains a combination of general and specific penalty-enhancement provisions and a substantive offence. Data are collected by the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor General’s Office. Data are not made publicly available.

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Official country information

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced
2015 24 5 4
2014 0 0 0
2013   3 2 3
2012   7 2 2
2011   5 2 Not available
2010 Not available Not available Not available
2009 3 Not available Not available
Bias motivationType of crimeRecorded by police
Racism and xenophobiaPhysical assault1
Incitement to violence15
Bias against LGBT peopleIncitement to violence8

Hate crimes recorded by police by bias motivation

Official figures recorded 16 racist hate crimes.

As divided by type of crime:

Official figures recorded 8 hate crimes based on bias against LGBT people.

As divided by type of crime:

Hate crimes recorded by police by type of crime

As divided by bias motivation:

As divided by bias motivation:

National developments

Lithuania adopted a new Code of Administrative Offences in 2015 that includes a general penalty enhancement provision if the offense was committed with a bias motivation. The code will enter into force in 2017.

Civil society information

Overview of incidents reported by civil society

Bias Motivation Attacks Against People Attacks Against Property
Violent Attacks Threats
Racism and xenophobia204
Bias against LGBT people200
Grand Total8


Racism and xenophobia
  • The European Foundations of Human Rights reported two physical assaults targeting people from Azerbaijan and Armenia; and four incidents of graffiti targeting Poles and Russians.

Bias against LGBT people
  • ILGA-Europe and the Lithuanian Gay League reported two physical assaults; one of the victims was a man who had intervened following the verbal abuse of patrons of a gay club.

IGO information


Racism and xenophobia, Bias against LGBT people
  • In its fifth report on Lithuania, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) recommended that the Criminal Code be amended to include colour, citizenship and gender identity as protected characteristics. ECRI also observed the need for further training for police officers, prosecutors and judges on how to approach hate crimes.

Racism and xenophobia
  • In its "Concluding observations on the combined sixth to eighth periodic reports of Lithuania", the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) recommended that the collection of data on reported hate crimes, prosecutions and sentences be improved, and that the state take measures to reach out to groups at risk of being targeted. The Committee also stressed the importance of ensuring the effective investigation and prosecution of hate crimes.

ODIHR key observations

ODIHR observes that Lithuania has not made public reliable data and statistics on hate crimes.