Italy regularly reports hate crime data to ODIHR. Italy's Criminal Code contains general penalty-enhancement and substantive offence provisions. Hate crime data are collected by law enforcement authorities and the Ministry of Interior. Data are not made publicly available.


Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2016 803 Not available Not available
2015 555 Not available Not available
2014 596 Not available Not available
2013 472 Not available Not available
2012 71 Not available 10

Hate crimes recorded by police

National developments

Within the framework of the "LGBTI National Strategy" (which started in 2014), eight half-day training workshops were held for National Police and Carabinieri officers. In October 2015, within the framework of the PRISM European Project, a training workshop was held in Rome for police officers and legal experts, aimed at increasing awareness and skills for preventing and countering discrimination and, in particular, discrimination-based crimes. Training activities for the National Police also included seminars focusing on discrimination and hate crimes.

Holy See information

  • The Holy See reported two incidents of the desecration of graves; six incidents of theft in churches; one incident of the desecration of communion bread; one burglary involving vandalism; and five incidents of vandalism, three of which involved graffiti on a Catholic church, one of which was also reported by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe (OIDC).

Key observation

ODIHR observes that Italy has not reported the numbers of prosecuted and information on sentenced hate crime cases to ODIHR.