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Using education to understand the impact of attacks on Holocaust memorials

| 05 Nov 2015

There have been a number of attacks on Holocaust memorials in the OSCE region in recent years. These hate crimes are a feature of contemporary anti-Semitism. Educating law enforcement is an important step in countering these crimes.

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Anyone can be a Super Citizen and help stop hate crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina | 13 Jul 2015

Everyone can help stop hate crime. Speaking out and reporting hate incidents is a major step in defying hate.

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How can we address hate crimes against Muslims?

| 25 May 2015

Intolerance against Muslims takes many forms, from denial of service or institutionalized discrimination to violent hate crimes. It is an issue of growing concern across the OSCE region.

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Working with civil society to counter hate crime

Warsaw, Poland | 12 Mar 2015

Civil society plays a vital role in addressing hate crimes, as these groups and organizations are often the first point of contact for victims, who may be reluctant to turn to local authorities. We work closely with civil society to help strengthen knowledge of the issues surrounding hate crime, ensuring that victims can be helped in the most effective way.

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Consult our 2013 hate crime data

Warsaw, Poland | 14 Nov 2014

Our hate crime data for 2013 is available. Thirty-six participating States submitted information, along with 109 NGOs covering incidents in 45 countries. Find out more about it here.

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