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Report Data - Kazakhstan - 2014

Official Data

Year Hate crimes recorded by police Prosecuted Sentenced About these data
2018 14 - 64
2017 Not available Not available Not available
2016 150 Not available 17
2015 Not available Not available Not available
2014 44 44 Not available

Hate crimes recorded by police

National developments

A "Victim Compensation Fund" has been established by law, in order to compensate specifically defined categories of victims of certain crimes, including violent crimes, and the relatives of deceased victims.

NGO reports 
Organization Report 

Jehovah's Witnesses – Kazakhstan reported one physical assault against a man.

Organization Name 
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ODIHR Recommendations 

ODIHR observes that Kazakhstan’s law enforcement agencies have not recorded the bias motivations of hate crimes.

National Developments 
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Organization Report 

Kazakhstan adopted a new criminal code which increases penalties for some of the offences when committed with bias motivation. The new code entered into effect on 1 January 2015.

Overview of incidents reported by civil society groups and organizations 
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