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Countering hate crime together: the Racist Violence Recording Network in Greece

| 20 May 2016

Effective co-operation between international organizations and civil society groups to report hate crime incidents and support victims is an important tool in the struggle to end hate crime. In Greece, the Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN) unites a host of actors working to address and report on hate crime in Greece.

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2015 Hate Crime Data: Call for Civil Society Submissions

Warsaw, Poland | 12 Feb 2016

We are now preparing our annual hate crime reporting and encourage civil society to submit information by 30 April 2016

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Seeking refuge: Countering intolerance against refugees and migrants

| 02 Feb 2016

2015 will be remembered for the images of people fleeing from their countries and seeking safety on European shores. The exceptional flow of people has put both the quality of reception infrastructure and the openness of societies in OSCE participating States to the test.

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Countering disability hate crime by increasing awareness and data collection

| 03 Dec 2015

On the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, we examine the issue of disability hate crime and the importance of addressing the gaps in data on this issue.

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2014 Hate Crime Data Now Available!

Warsaw,Poland | 16 Nov 2015

ODIHR's hate crime data for 2014 is now available. Forty-three participating States submitted information, along with 122 civil society groups covering incidents in 46 countries. Find out more here.

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