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ODIHR publishes factsheet on hate crimes against people with disabilities

| 22 Feb 2017

A new factsheet on hate crime against people with disabilities is now available. Find out more about it here.

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Данные о преступлениях на почве ненависти 2016: объявление для гражданского общества

| 13 Feb 2017

В настоящее время мы подготавливаем нашу ежегодную отёчность о преступлениях на почве ненависти, в связи с чем призываем гражданское общество предоставлять нам информацию о соответствующих инцидентах.

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Call for Submissions: 2016 Hate Incidents

Warsaw, Poland | 12 Feb 2017

We are now preparing our annual hate crime data and encourage civil society to submit hate incidents

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ODIHR Publishes 2015 Hate Crime Data

| 16 Nov 2016

ODIHR has published its hate crime data for 2015. Forty-one participating States submitted information, along with 113 civil society groups covering incidents in 41 countries. Find out more here.

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2015 Hate Crime Data - Frequently Asked Questions

| 15 Nov 2016

Find out more about ODIHR's annual reporting on hate crime

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